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Todito Cash

What is Todito Cash?

Todito Cash is a popular, safe and easy way to deposit funds into your Pokerstars account. This is similar to an electronic wallet. You can open your Todito Cash account online or buy a reloadable Todito Cash prepaid card from several retail outlets. Your account can be funded either online or at the retail outlets. You can then use your Todito Cash account to deposit on Pokerstars.

Click here to find your local retail outlet.

Is Todito Card the same as Todito Cash?

Todito Card is not the same as Todito Cash. Todito Card is a prepaid internet card that is sold in the same retail outlets as Todito Cash. Todito Card cannot be used with online merchants.

How can I make purchases at Pokerstars using Todito Cash?

Todito Cash is fully integrated via the PokerStars cashier screen. When you click on "Cashier" and then on "Buy Chips", you will see an option to use Todito Cash. Click on the Todito Cash button and you will be presented with a deposit screen. You will be asked for your card number, your PIN and the transaction value. Once you have completed this information click 'Submit' and wait for your deposit to be approved.

Please note:
  • If you bought your card from Blockbuster, Comercial Mexicana or Casa Ley, the card number will be the last 10 digits below or above the barcode on the back of your card.
  • If your top-up amount is for 200 pesos or more, Todito Cash may have deducted commission. Please click here and enter your card number and pin to check your available balance before making a deposit at PokerStars.

What are the deposit limits for Todito Cash?

Visit the cashier for your current deposit limits.

How will my deposits show on my online Todito Cash history?

Todito Cash will show as ‘Pstars’ in your account history with Todito Cash.

How does the exchange to local currency work?

Please click here for information.

What will it cost me to use Todito Cash at PokerStars?

There are no fees for using Todito Cash at Pokerstars. Players are responsible for any fees charged by Todito Cash. Click here for further information.

Can I cashout using Todito Cash?

Todito Cash is a deposit only method.

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